Eric Hanauer - Underwater Photography

Eric Hanauer is a widely published writer and photographer specializing in the underwater world. Author of three books and over 500 articles, his work appears in magazines, books, CDs and posters. The "big picture" is his artistic forte, and his extensive photographic library features stunning images of wrecks, reefs and animals.   For 35 years, Eric was an Associate Professor in the Kinesiology Division at California State University, Fullerton. An aquatics specialist, he trained over 2500 scuba students, and also introduced the grab start to competitive swimming while coaching in the 1960s.
Forty years of active diving have brought a unique perspective to Eric's work. His oral history series re-introduced America's diving pioneers to an entire new generation. In travel writing, he covers the land as well as the underwater features of an area, from the standpoint of the local culture as well as that of the visitor.
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