"GWW Coral Fluorescence, Crop 1"



South Point 2

Archival fine art print on Aluminum composite with satin anodized aluminum backing frame.


  • 130 year + archival quality printing
  • highest possible resolution
  • super-gloss UV laminate
  • elegant backing frame with hanging system
  • custom print styles and sizes available


Shipped insured packaged in lightweight foamed box.

Loose prints (print only) are the same quality and UV gloss finish as aluminum prints - shipped flat and ready to frame.

Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in living coral polyps light up in brilliant green in response to pure blue light.  Special filters in the camera lens block out the blue illumination, recording only the glowing green coral polyps and the red biofluorescence emitted by chlorophyll in the algae covering the reef substrate.  Coral species can be identified by the patterns of the biofluorescence they emit.

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Experience the amazing natural beauty and exotic marine life of a coral reef in your home.

Available in five dramatic sizes:


         14" X  28"             24" X  48"

         18" X  36"             30" X  60"

         22" X  44"


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