"Exploring The Wall"


  Bloody Bay Wall

South Point 2

Archival fine art print on Aluminum composite with satin anodized aluminum backing frame.


  • 130 year + archival quality printing
  • highest possible resolution
  • super-gloss UV laminate
  • elegant backing frame with hanging system
  • custom print styles and sizes available


Shipped insured packaged in lightweight foamed box.

Loose prints (print only) are the same quality and UV gloss finish as aluminum prints - shipped flat and ready to frame.

A diver explores “Great Wall” at Bloody Bay Marine Park off Little Cayman Island.  In this section of the Bloody Bay Marine Park, at a depth of only 20-25 feet, the ocean bottom abruptly ends, and plunges thousands of feet straight down in a vertical cliff.  For nearly a mile, the reef wall is shear, and covered in densely packed marine life, including several species of corals and a variety brightly colored sponges in every shape, size and color imaginable.


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Experience the amazing natural beauty and exotic marine life of a coral reef in your home.

Available in five dramatic sizes:


         16" X  24"             28" X  42"

         20" X  30"             32" X  48"

         24" X  36"


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